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Hate to berate you on this but you should have known not to mess with K2.

K2 had a humble start but since then it has sunk into the lowest levels of dung. Its' not even weed, all just industrial chemicals.

I won't judge however. We all have a reason to want to do something.

What matters now is recovery and truth be told, it will take longer for you to recover since it was induced by some heavy stuff.

I have heard that Kappa-opioid agonist do very well in blocking the Kappa -opioid receptor, limiting or inhibiting nitric oxide buildup in neurons.

Anyway, you're gonna have to do some research and believe me researching and learning take off your mind from this condition.

The irony is that when my DP first began I researched a lot about DP, and in those moments I was in the "here and now" and didnt realize I had DP.

If you want to know what has helped me. Let me know I have a post regarding possible causes but I also have numerous treatments and techniques, some whihc I havent tried yet.
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