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I need to get better

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I truly need to get better ASAP. My dreams are coming true and this has been ruining it :( how can something just come into my life one day and ruin everything Iv worked for and wanted ? I need to get better for myself and my baby. Iv been threw this and I thought the hardest part of my life was over. I was truly happy about everything, the simplest things I appreciated. A couple weeks of anxiety and I’m back in hell ? I feel like my soul was taken from my body. I need a miracle. Or is my luck up because Iv gotten out before already ? I hate that we have no answers or time frame. No one cares about a cold because they know it will go away, if someone could just fucking tell us when we would be better then we could live so much easier but for some horrible reason, no one knows anything about this disgusting problem :( I need to get better, for me, my life and my baby.
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Well I'm pregnant so I'm not sure if hormones have anything to do with it. A few weeks before it happened I was getting anxious and then was having 24/7 ocd about my breathing. My doctor decided to up my zoloft and within 3 days after doing that I woke up in the middle of the night from a dead sleep and knew it was back.
Do you think a few weeks of constant anxiety and ocd could cause this with raised stress levels due to pregnancy ? And if Iv gotten rid of it before ( I honestly don't know what I did exactly that really made it go away the other times ) that I can get rid of it again? The two different times Iv had it were such different time frames, over a year first time and 1 month the second. I'm going on month 3 now with zero improvement even with meds ( that normally made me at least feel better with depression )
Honestly getting it again is so much worse than the first time. Maybe it's just the point in my life that's making it harder or that no meds are helping this time idk
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24/7 vision feels like I’m high and I can’t connect with things or people, head pressure, tired eyes, depression (no joy, happiness or motivation), can’t stop thinking about dpdr. You?
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