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i need some help

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latley ive been getting this feeling like my throat it closing up on me, like somthing in there is tighting really bad, but its not like i cant breath or anything but it feels like i might stop and its scaring me. crap. i hope it goes away its been going on for a few hours now.. any help would be awesome.

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i have had that feeling non stop for about 4 months now...feels like any minute i will not be able to swallow...that there is somthing stuck in my throat or just closing up...

but i have had it all checked and it is a VERY common symptom of anxiety...which i knew already but it is good to get it checked if having it all the time...

try drinking something hot...not scalding hot! just something like tea or maybe a hot fruit drink....but not orange or anything acidic...that can help...
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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