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Today was a shit show at work..
I'm super paranoid of sounds and loud sounds, I was super depressed today which never happens, literally all day was thinking about jumping off a cliff
And I think my "depression" started because of my anxiety and paranoid about loud sounds, also anxiety of being near people,
It's so god damn exhausting.. I just wanted to end it all, it really sucks
Also I don't know if it's all of my problems combined but I have no energy to even talk to anyone at all, and that's not me at all..
and ofc I feel like I can't speak from my heart and when I convnersate it feels like bullshit and I can never be funny like I use to be
Yeah my sob story
Is there any vitamins u guys suggest that can help me with my problems and maybe can u state like this vitamins helps this and that?
And what do u guys do about talking to people man?
And all the god damn anxiety
I swear if u just watched me for 15 minutes of me doing my job in a kitchen, ud think I'm crazy, please guys I need some help
Anything helps
Vitamins, tips, anything
Was probly my worst day in awhile and it's been building to it, I've problt had 3-4 bad anxiety depressed days in a row, the depressed part is new and that sucks, I Think I'm just over this shit.. please I need some help
Thank u..
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