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I need help plz

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So i just need someone to reassure me or relate . Recently i have been dealing with this thought of what if don't really exist ? What if all of this is created by my imagination? What if i have gone crazy and now i am just floating? What if i have died? afraid I am existing in an imaginary environment while simultaneously existing in a real environment . It's really hard I can't go to school or anywhere i am absolutely terrified.plz help me !
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Yeah, I'm always wondering if this is a simulation or the meaning of the universe and these questions go on forever - they're unproductive and pointless, the only thing that matters is you and your happiness. You just need to get into the state where you're automatically living, I see DP as when you manually breathe - it disrupts your breathing because it's an automatic process you're not meant to know about it. Just forget about it, try your hardest to distract yourself and if it pulls you in more just relax and wait for it to pass and get out more.

We've just red pilled ourself into depression and anxiety, realistically, that's all DP is. Just existentialism.

Just work towards forgetting about it, live your life.

I've always been slightly existential as I was growing up, I would always ask things like "What's the point of weddings, they don't mean anything".

Use mindfulness, think about what to do now and next, set goals and tasks you want to achieve.

This is just my take on it.
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