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I need help plz

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So i just need someone to reassure me or relate . Recently i have been dealing with this thought of what if don't really exist ? What if all of this is created by my imagination? What if i have gone crazy and now i am just floating? What if i have died? afraid I am existing in an imaginary environment while simultaneously existing in a real environment . It's really hard I can't go to school or anywhere i am absolutely terrified.plz help me !
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Trust me, almost everyone with dpdr gets those exact same thoughts. Literally all of those have entered my mind and taken turns driving me further into the void of my mind. The panic they cause can be crippling. But i promise after a while they will start to fade.
I promise you exist. The fact you can think and are aware is proof enough. Me saying this may not instantly make you feel better. For me, it took a little while to realize everything exists as it always has. Ive felt the same where i dont feel the world around is real, that im imagining it or something or that its a dream. You will get over this eventually but i must stress that recovery is gradual and at times you can feel like youll never come out but you will. I know the anxiety is crippling but the more you get out and do stuff, the more it stimulates your mind to think more normally.
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