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I need help, idk what this is

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Hey all, im new here

So, this all started because of LSD, im 16 (i know, im way too young to be trying these substances, but, whats done is done, i just want some help) and, i havent felt the same since my 4th trip, my final one
heres a reddit post i made, summing everything up

Now, how i feel

Iim afraid that im going crazy. I have little, to no emotion, i just feel empty, like a shell. I have a slight visual snow and i notice more tracers than before if i look at a white screen or at a white object for a while. I have intense deja vu, even my thoughts feel like they've happened before. I feel like, i'v never woken up from my 1st trip, or 3rd trip, as if i'm living in a fake reality, like, my brain retreated into this world, you know how you hear of coma patients who have lived entire lives while in a coma, its kind of like that, i feel like i'm living in one of those coma realities, and that if i do something, i dont know what, ill just be catapulted into the reality i "left", however, i know this isn't the case, i know all of this is real, i know this is reality, but i just want to stop feeling that, i just want to feel the way i use to feel, because now, i kind of feel dead, if i could go back, i wouldn't have even tried LSD. i just wish there was a way to fix this NOW, but i know there isnt, does this sound like DPDR? or is this something else, i just want answers, thank you guys.
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I, too, experimented greatly with LSD when I was 16. I never had any lasting effects from it but here I am at 43 experiencing depersonalization. I wonder if it is connected. I'm glad that you reached out for help and I hope that you find it.
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