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I need help, idk what this is

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Hey all, im new here

So, this all started because of LSD, im 16 (i know, im way too young to be trying these substances, but, whats done is done, i just want some help) and, i havent felt the same since my 4th trip, my final one
heres a reddit post i made, summing everything up

Now, how i feel

Iim afraid that im going crazy. I have little, to no emotion, i just feel empty, like a shell. I have a slight visual snow and i notice more tracers than before if i look at a white screen or at a white object for a while. I have intense deja vu, even my thoughts feel like they've happened before. I feel like, i'v never woken up from my 1st trip, or 3rd trip, as if i'm living in a fake reality, like, my brain retreated into this world, you know how you hear of coma patients who have lived entire lives while in a coma, its kind of like that, i feel like i'm living in one of those coma realities, and that if i do something, i dont know what, ill just be catapulted into the reality i "left", however, i know this isn't the case, i know all of this is real, i know this is reality, but i just want to stop feeling that, i just want to feel the way i use to feel, because now, i kind of feel dead, if i could go back, i wouldn't have even tried LSD. i just wish there was a way to fix this NOW, but i know there isnt, does this sound like DPDR? or is this something else, i just want answers, thank you guys.
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Okay okay...

What country do you live in? (kinda important to know what health care is available)

You really need to see a Physiatrist, you made a mistake, stand up and fix it, but you need to find one who actually understands this type of thing, this will depend on the country. HPPD online might be your friend right now, not that you have enough visuals (you'd know if you had HPPD!) but DP is common with it and a lot there have got it from LSD. Drugs of choice I see there is Keppra and Lamotrigine. They have studies.

The reason no one has replied is no one wants to give you bad advice.

All i can really do is take this line by line.

If you were crazy, you'd not even know, so scratch that idea, you might feel a little disconnected that's for sure.

Empty - Typical DP

Like a shell - well you've been through a hell of a traumatic experience, you are only just processing it

Visual snow and tracers - Well can stay the same, can disappear, I know people who have full blown HPPD ( a lot more going on than them two symptoms, for instance shapes in carpets etc) go away and you only have tracers, right now you need to lower the anxiety, accept that it happens and think, i've got bigger things right now... that's the truth. One day hopefully that will just fade away.. now's not the time.

Deja Vu - Hmmmm IDK i'm not a doctor but personally, I believe this is a way of processing things, trying to find a timeline, i've had Deja Vu after long drinking sessions, so I can see why your brain right now is trying to process the timeline...

This generic DP list might make you feel better, be honest, if it's something more, get help, the sooner the better, but the right help as i've said. Also, two weeks, I got spiked when I was younger for instance and it took a month or two to feel right, Longecity is another forum with very clever people, not that this place isn't but LSD cases aren't as common, but regardless, a doctor is what you need.

  1. Cut of from the world
  2. Things look flat
  3. Feel like body doesn't belong to me
  4. Observer of myself
  5. Body feels light
  6. No Emotions
  7. Voice sounds remote
  8. No thoughts
  9. Hands look larger or smaller than they did
  10. Surroundings feel detached
  11. Time perception
  12. Detached from memories
  13. Feelings of affection friends and family
  14. Objects look further or closer than before
  15. Pencil feels like not mine when holding it
  16. Can't picture things in my mind
  17. Doesn't feel like my own arm when pinch it
  18. Feeling outside body
  19. Things happen automatically
  20. Thoughts have a life of their own
  21. I have to touch myself to know I am real
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