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Hello for the past couple of months I literally feel nothing at all.. like NOTHING, not just emotions but practically EVERY type of feeling a person is supposed to feel, I don't, just pure nothingness every second, everyday, no matter what I do, like I've actually lost my soul.

To put it in a little more detail of exactly of everything I don't feel (Which I can promise you is everything) - I'll list examples, for instance:

-As soon as I wake up, I don't even feel tired or awake, nor do I feel as if I had a good or bad rest

-Don't even have a feel of what specific day it is, so I can't even say it feels like a Monday etc

-Eat breakfast, don't even have a preference of what exactly to eat, so I can't even say "I 'feel' like eating a specific type of food

-After having a shower, don't have a sense or 'feel' fresh/clean

-I don't 'feel' like making music, let alone doing anything else

-Go for a skate and bomb down a hill, nearly fall off and skid but NO sense or feeling of fear whatsoever

-Watch a gory scene on T.V, No sense of disgust

-I've even lost sense of time, I literally don't feel if anything is long or short, it's all the same to me now (For example car rides, a 3 hour drive is technically long, but I don't FEEL as if it is.

-Walking towards the bus stop, check the time and notice I only have a minute to make it there, no feeling or urge to rush over

-Riding on a packed train, don't even 'feel' like the carriage is packed

-Going to 3 hour lectures of Law, no feelings of boredom

-Uncle announces his having a new child, no feeling of joy,excitement, or happiness

-Dropped my laptop, no sense of worry or urge to check if it's damaged or broken

-NO sense of enjoyment regardless of what hobby I'm doing, this includes skateboarding, making music, hanging out with friends and or family

-No 'natural' thoughts going through my head and EVERYTHING action I do is forced.

As you can probably tell by now, this is FAR beyond not being able to feel emotions and moods, this is literally not being to able to feel any type of feeling existent, I know I listed specific scenarios but the true reality of it is this is just how it is for me ALL THE TIME regardless of what I do and NOTHING seems to help

So to basically to sum it up NOTHING makes me feel ANYTHING and I literally can't say "I Feel like *Insert whatever here* because it's pure nothingness, was just posting here to see if

Anyone is living with this hell as well? Like a lot of us in this forum, we in desperate need of a miracle, my only hope is that it's literally got something to do with our 'souls' (You don't have to believe we have one) so what I've been and most likely will continue to do is attend church and pray, let me know if you'd like me to pray for you as well, regardless of what belief you have.
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