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i just dont handle this anymore

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i cant dont this... now i feel like everything in me is gone. i feel only discomfort... pain... when i try do sometbing it feels torture. i feel that i cant act. i can only sit here in pain. it always goes like this and i dont have no interest to go on. i simply dont care a shit anymore. i feel im not here anymore. i feel so bad.. it cannot be said.. its just so bad. i feel like something inside of me is killing me. now it killed me completely. no its really nothgin. i have been killed but i have been left hanging in this torture.
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Well it would help if you could muster all your strength to go out with a friend, see a movie, or do something. But if you need to just lay there then that's ok too. Can you treat yourself? Would a nice bowl of ice cream taste good now? A bath? Maybe you can try to do something loving for yourself like that. If you can make it to a clothing store and buy a beautiful shirt... Something to love and honor yourself! It won't be the cure all but it does help, those sparks of life.
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