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i just dont handle this anymore

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i cant dont this... now i feel like everything in me is gone. i feel only discomfort... pain... when i try do sometbing it feels torture. i feel that i cant act. i can only sit here in pain. it always goes like this and i dont have no interest to go on. i simply dont care a shit anymore. i feel im not here anymore. i feel so bad.. it cannot be said.. its just so bad. i feel like something inside of me is killing me. now it killed me completely. no its really nothgin. i have been killed but i have been left hanging in this torture.
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Have you tried working out ? Physical exercise helps change the mood get your heart rate up and get sweaty.
The last week for me has been hell , I felt and still do feel like total crap but I made mysrlf work out and when i was out i felt better , its still there the dp but i myself feel better in my mind , more in control less out off control.
It helps to workout somewhere nice not a gym , out in nature such as a long a beach or lake anywere in nature , hear the birds the water ect ..
Sounds corny but it helps me , changes your thinking .
Give it a try if you haven't already.
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