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Why was I born with this? I mean, I feel like everyday, there just isn't a point to anything I do. Lately, I have been better. It's still there though. I used to think I am a ghost, now, i'm just unconscious. Some days, I don't think about all the pain it has caused me. Other days, I think about it all the time. Its not fair. There is no proven treatment for this disorder. All that I want to do is get better. I have been living with this for my whole entire life (as far as I can remember, I have dissociative amnesia). On the rare occasions I do feel real, I feel so foreign to myself. I always do, but especially in those moments. Some people only have moments of feeling this way. Well not me, I have to deal with this all the time, and the worst part...I don't know what to do to make it better.
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