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I have yet to "recover" from DP, even temporarily.

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I keep reading posts about how someone goes in and out of it, or lasted for X amount of time and then left only to come AGAIN, etc etc.

I'm still waiting to snap out of it for the first time :?

How does recovery feel? Help me at least dream about it, heh
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Coming out of DP is an amazing feeling, suddenly you feel like "you" again, no anxiety, you are completely connected to your sense of self. I have suffered on and off with DP for 11 years. I am coming towards the end of this episode of DP, I feel it is almost gone but not quite. I am waiting for the sun to suddenly come out and the rainbow to appear and for me to say "I am me again". The day is getting near, I just have to wait. Most of my episodes have lasted 4-7 weeks, but this one has been 4 months (it was triggered off by my cat going missing, being really ill and then dying), I became tearful, upset, anxious and the trauma of it all - suddenly click the switch went in my head and DP reared its ugly head again. I am long over the death of my cat, but still waiting for the DP to finally leave me. It has been a long 4 months.

So in response to your question, coming out of DP is amazing. I have found that when I am DP'd I can't imagine or remember what it was like to feel well and when I am well I can't imagine or remember what it felt like to be DP'd.

Horrible horrible illness, the worst for anyone, terrifying.

I am afraid it is a waiting game, the DP will go when it is ready, you can't force it to go, it just lifts when it does (unfortunately)...

x :?
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