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Okay so I've been drinking yesterday (I had this 2o12 resolution that I'm not mixing benzos with alcohol any more and that I'm not drinking anything but beer cos the hangovers are unbearable but yesterday I forgot about that when I was slightly drunk already), and I think I drank alot... not alot for me as I felt fine, but it would be considered a lot. I've had like 4 beers and then just mixed 4 different kinds of wine.

Soo, I got home around 7 a.m and was feeling completely no DP, but when i fell asleep and woke up around 12 I was already feeling the hangover, drank some water and tried to go back to sleep. This was hell.

I had this dream of everything I thought of before I fell asleep and what I went through throughout the day. I was extremely DP'd in this dream (which I never was before), and it was so vivid that I felt everything. I had this situation with some drug dealers in the dream and I can perfectly remember the guys faces, tho I've never seen them before. I was thinking in this dream and feeling every touch.

I was then in my bed, in this dream, hangover as shit and trying to fall asleep..extremely dpd.. i had trouble breathing, was shaking and I had hallucinations in a dream and heard voices in my head with racing thoughts... it was hell. Then after about half an hour of this, I woke up.

This was the weirdest part of it all. The dream felt so real, that when I woke up, being in the same bed as in a dream, but not feeling such as DP, I felt like my whole life before was just a dream. I thought I dreamt that I even have DP, or everything that has happened to me since I got it, I thought I was dreaming about it just now and I woke up to feeling DP-free and no such thing existed. To realize it wasn't, was just as horrible as the dream. Everything else that I worried about before in my life and shit that was happening seem so irrelevant now.. I realized how possible it is that this is like an altered world or something and we're just dreaming all the time... because
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this was hell
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