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I have got dp/Dr due to masturbation

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Hello Everyone,

I'm new to this forum and genuinely seeking all your help and suggestions.
So i don't use to masturbate very frequently but one night I just forced myself to masturbate and i wasn't even ready I just pushed myself a lot.
And suddenly I felt something in my if my brain got fried and some kind of pain in head. My whole body became numb and felt some sudden rush.
I thought next morning it will be okay but I started getting blurry vision and i changed as a person. Felt exhausted.
Few days back I got to know that what I'm facing is dp/Dr.
Any help please.
Anyone who got it bcoz of masturbation and we're they able to recover.?
It already been an year in my case and i have still not recovered at all and my condition is getting worst.
Can masturbation cause severe dp/Dr?
Can we recover from it?
Can it cause some trauma in your brain as I'm facing severe physical symptoms.

Please help
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Toxic shame can be a big factor in mental health issues.
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