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I have got dp/Dr due to masturbation

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Hello Everyone,

I'm new to this forum and genuinely seeking all your help and suggestions.
So i don't use to masturbate very frequently but one night I just forced myself to masturbate and i wasn't even ready I just pushed myself a lot.
And suddenly I felt something in my if my brain got fried and some kind of pain in head. My whole body became numb and felt some sudden rush.
I thought next morning it will be okay but I started getting blurry vision and i changed as a person. Felt exhausted.
Few days back I got to know that what I'm facing is dp/Dr.
Any help please.
Anyone who got it bcoz of masturbation and we're they able to recover.?
It already been an year in my case and i have still not recovered at all and my condition is getting worst.
Can masturbation cause severe dp/Dr?
Can we recover from it?
Can it cause some trauma in your brain as I'm facing severe physical symptoms.

Please help
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Wow, I am sorry you are going through this...
There was another person here recently (if it wasn't you as well?) who worried that their masturbation was causing DPDR. I am not a doctor but I find it strange. First, I don't see how our body could tell the difference between masturbation and regular sexual intercourse. If orgasm through masturbation could cause DPDR, then I would assume any regular orgasm could do this as well. But we don't hear about that. The difference between sexual intercourse and masturbation is that masturbation is very frowned upon in a lot of cultures (This is sad because giving oneself pleasure is something most people can't resist, which then causes totally unnecessary guilt). Perhaps guilt, shame or even anxiety around this problem could be the most probably direct cause of DPDR for someone who masturbates. What do you feel around masturbation, do you experience strong guilt or loneliness? Any negative feelings? Problems around sexuality can be very stressful, at least I have experienced some of that in the past.
Also when doctors say it is anxiety, they are not necessarily wrong in the sense that DPDR can be triggered by anxiety. I have met some therapists who immediately mixed it with anxiety, as if it was part of anxiety and not some disease on its own.
there is a very big difference between masturbation and real sex for the body
Yes? What do you mean? Do you mean that with masturbation it is easier to keep ejaculating more often than with regular sex? When I think of it this is a difference I can find.

First, I don't see how our body could tell the difference between masturbation and regular sexual intercourse.
Trith, that's kind to take the time to try to help Neha, who may be trolling, I'm not sure..

I've heard that when we orgasm, the fear response is switched off. Perhaps that freaked him out, going from anxious to exited...affect alarm. Maybe, cultural hang-ups about it too, as you mentioned.
toxic shame is a common cause/trigger for dpdr. in some cultures it is a very restricted thing to have sexual joy before marriage so this is the only idea i do have
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