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I have got dp/Dr due to masturbation

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Hello Everyone,

I'm new to this forum and genuinely seeking all your help and suggestions.
So i don't use to masturbate very frequently but one night I just forced myself to masturbate and i wasn't even ready I just pushed myself a lot.
And suddenly I felt something in my if my brain got fried and some kind of pain in head. My whole body became numb and felt some sudden rush.
I thought next morning it will be okay but I started getting blurry vision and i changed as a person. Felt exhausted.
Few days back I got to know that what I'm facing is dp/Dr.
Any help please.
Anyone who got it bcoz of masturbation and we're they able to recover.?
It already been an year in my case and i have still not recovered at all and my condition is getting worst.
Can masturbation cause severe dp/Dr?
Can we recover from it?
Can it cause some trauma in your brain as I'm facing severe physical symptoms.

Please help
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Wow, I am sorry you are going through this...
There was another person here recently (if it wasn't you as well?) who worried that their masturbation was causing DPDR. I am not a doctor but I find it strange. First, I don't see how our body could tell the difference between masturbation and regular sexual intercourse. If orgasm through masturbation could cause DPDR, then I would assume any regular orgasm could do this as well. But we don't hear about that. The difference between sexual intercourse and masturbation is that masturbation is very frowned upon in a lot of cultures (This is sad because giving oneself pleasure is something most people can't resist, which then causes totally unnecessary guilt). Perhaps guilt, shame or even anxiety around this problem could be the most probably direct cause of DPDR for someone who masturbates. What do you feel around masturbation, do you experience strong guilt or loneliness? Any negative feelings? Problems around sexuality can be very stressful, at least I have experienced some of that in the past.
Also when doctors say it is anxiety, they are not necessarily wrong in the sense that DPDR can be triggered by anxiety. I have met some therapists who immediately mixed it with anxiety, as if it was part of anxiety and not some disease on its own.
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there is a very big difference between masturbation and real sex for the body
Yes? What do you mean? Do you mean that with masturbation it is easier to keep ejaculating more often than with regular sex? When I think of it this is a difference I can find.
I am not sure I understand what you want to say. Do you mean that what I suggested as a difference is what you had in mind?
Please help me know can we recover dp/Dr caused bcoz of masturbation
I don't think there is any evidence that masturbation per se can cause DPDR, but I also don't think it can be ruled out, because we are not doctors. I don't even think any doctor would conclude something about something as specific as that. In most books or articles, you can find that DPDR is mostly caused by anxiety, trauma, panic attacks, or in some rare cases during seizures or for people having psychosis. But nowhere have I seen a professional or researcher talking about masturbation. That doesn't mean it is not related, because no one knows everything, but to me it means that even if there was a connexion it would be dubious to offer a solution that would work for everyone. In any case, there is no obvious remedy to DPDR. You can read some recovery stories on the forum to see what worked for people. What works for a lot of people seems to be to not focus on the problem and get distracted, or focus on something else, or conquer the fear that is causing them DPDR (for some of them it means just going out of their home). I don't know how this could translate to your problem, but this is what we see most of the time. I know I have met someone on facebook who said that abstinence from masturbation and pornography helped him. Perhaps you could try it? I know that for me, abstinence from both for more than 2 years did nothing for me. So everybody can be very different. Anyway, abstinence didn't hurt me. At least I could take some time to get interested in something else than sex for a while, which was very good for me at the time. But it was not easy. I did join sex and love addicts anonymous. Maybe you can check them out and see if this has anything to do with your problem?
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