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but i just cant seem to be happy nor confident in myself like i once was

i use to be really bad

then i tried 200mg of 5htp, which has helped some bit

and now on vitamin d3 that has helped i think?

trying magnesium cus a few people said it helped them to be cured

but im still just not myself, and its depressing

like no jokes pop in my head, as much as i try, i cant seem to find the funny in anything

and all i use to do is try to be funny or make everything funny

now im just yes and no answers, or i answer every question serious, like i have no humor at all

and its a bummer

maybe there is a new vitamin i can try out there?

anyone can recommend something?

i might give prozac another shot, in the past it has giving me a weird reaction

i use to give off these bad vibes, like it was a curse or something

anyways yeah im hoping someone can tell me something that can help me out

i could try going out more

since most the day im locked up in my room

but its like

i did go get something to eat today, and i was talking to the cash register lady

and no charm came out, no funnyness popped up in my head

i just order and get out

i use to really like talking to people

and making conversation

now its like damn

anyways im just going on

im wishing someone can give me some advice that may have helped them

ima keep researching

hopefully find something that well help me out

hope u guys r doing good

thank ya

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hey. yeah dp makes you lose your personality and the reason why you can’t make jokes anymore is because something in your brain chemistry changed. wish I could help you but I’m the same.. I can still laugh (thank god) but something is definitely off. I guess you could try magnesium or try to work out. I don’t really work out since I’m pretty fit anyway (good metabolism) and I just don’t see the point in most things anymore ..

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This kind of reminds me of that episode of The Simpsons where Bart sells his soul to Milhouse and then can't find anything funny anymore. Or more specifically, he knows intellectually that something is funny, but he just can't respond to it.
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