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I hate it hate it hate it.

I search every week since many months to find doctors who knows dp/dr and when I write my story to them, 1-the don't answer, 2- They say they can see me but after 2 months, they change their mind and they can't see me.

I am tired to pay to gey help, or wait 30 months to have a psychiatrist. What is this system? Can we get helped? Why schizophrenia got their doctors, and a anxiety problem like dp sounds bizarre and 1 doctor or 2 heard about it on all the Quebec?

I HATE to feel alone.

I had to vent. :x :x

C xxx

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Cynthia, I know this is a daily challenge for you. I am angry for you. :evil: It must be very aggravating to not only be dealing with dp but dealing with a medical system which sounds to be unable to meet your needs.

So there. I am angry with you. :evil:

Do remember what was previously said about possibly just finding a doctor you can relate to and is willing to go the extra mile and learn about dp with you. I had been told by a urologist that a bladder problem was all in my head. I went another year suffering pain. I was at my gynocologist the next year and started crying, telling him the pain I was feeling and how the other doctor said I did not have a problem. The gynocologist looked me in the eyes and said, "I do believe you have a problem and I am going to stick with you until we find out what it is." He sent me to another urologist who did more test and sure enough...ulcers in the bladder. I will never forget the doctor who stuck with me. I have mentioned it to doctors since then and asked that they, too, stick with me until they find out what it is. When put to them in this manner...many have.
My biofeedback person knew nothing of dr, but I credit her with helping me move forward more than anyone. I had to work with both my psychologist and psychiatrist to learn and understand more about this.
Don't give up on being your own advocate even if it takes many more months. Promise yourself you will find may come from the most unlikely of sources.
Until then...vent on, Woman, vent on!
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