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i had dp/dr for 5 years now, 3 years ago was the only time i snapped out to reality but only for a while this is how it happened..

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at that time i was at the worst period of my life, there was an incident where i fucked up and members of my family were shouting at my face (long story) because of a mistake i did and at that time i was suicidal, depressed, lost all hope, was waiting for them to finish shouting so i go end it all, i said fuck it and told them about my dp/dr and how its so hard for me to do things and and told them that i am not feeling real, i was in the worst stress i ever had, a family member who was skeptic about what I'm saying told me you are real, you are here with us, and just like that i snapped back to reality, i will never forget how good it felt to recognize everyone's face, it was blurry though like seeing too many colored drops like when you scratch your eyes, but i could feel myself and my surroundings and all my worries were gone, i felt like dp is a joke and why was it so hard for me to snap back, i prayed that night that when i wake up il stay connected again but unfortunately it did not last and dp came back to hunt me, that was the last time i felt real and i still cant explain it, was it the crazy stress i was going through or was is my cousin who told me that im real and my brain somehow got justification that i exist and turned it to reality.. any explanation would be helpful or something similar, thank you for reading and stay strong.
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I shared a very similar incident, being shouted at for not being doing things right with my life, started crying and told my mother and brother that i had this strange self diagnosed condition called Dp, knowing they wouldn't understand i just did it, of course it didn't change anything other than some momentary comfort and relief. Stay strong brothers and sisters
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