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I got my lab results back!

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hi all,

I just got my lab results back and i wanted to show it to you, because discussing it might benefit more than one person in the end.


As you can see, my serotonin level is HIGHLY elevated and the catecholamines are all diminished. Serotonin is supposed to be in a range of 100-225 and mine is 502..

I have never taken any medication whatsoever to increase my serotonin.

My current symptoms are the following:

- Derealization (life outside my house looks like a joke, a dreamworld, as if i'm on marijuana. It's strangely intense and i dont feel connected to any environment whatsoever nor do i feel a connection to persons or objects)

- Tinnitus (24/7)

- Extreme fatigue

- Digestion problems/gut issues/leaky gut

- Depression/no motivation/no ambition/life has no meaning at the moment

It really shocked me that my serotonin is that high.. i thought it would be very low to be honest

I'm seeing my doctor on thursday, but i'm hoping someone here could shed a light on the serotonin part, or maybe others who did a similar test as well.

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Well i know they got mine right
I've started dreaming again since being on Imipramine. The good thing with remembering dreams is you know you slept well as it is the last stage of the sleep cycle I believe and deep sleep is before them. I am unsure what to make of dreams but they seem important to me. Something that is often thrown away as irrelevant but mine have been scary and vivid recently. My girlfriend had to wake me up from yelling lol (this has only happened before on mirtazapine). And when that happened before it came with a period of improved DP/DR symptoms. Only mildly improved but still
Yeh it was an amazing drug for me the first week as I slept amazing, but as the dose on mirtazapine went up I felt it did the opposite which made me hyperaware and then groggy as I couldn't sleep. Was weird, and also messed with my short term memory as is kind of expected with drugs that are antihistamines.
There are no reliable tests for neurotransmitters in the brain. This test is probably done by urine or blood which is not reliable. As for the hormones and other stuff it's different...
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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