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I got my lab results back!

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hi all,

I just got my lab results back and i wanted to show it to you, because discussing it might benefit more than one person in the end.


As you can see, my serotonin level is HIGHLY elevated and the catecholamines are all diminished. Serotonin is supposed to be in a range of 100-225 and mine is 502..

I have never taken any medication whatsoever to increase my serotonin.

My current symptoms are the following:

- Derealization (life outside my house looks like a joke, a dreamworld, as if i'm on marijuana. It's strangely intense and i dont feel connected to any environment whatsoever nor do i feel a connection to persons or objects)

- Tinnitus (24/7)

- Extreme fatigue

- Digestion problems/gut issues/leaky gut

- Depression/no motivation/no ambition/life has no meaning at the moment

It really shocked me that my serotonin is that high.. i thought it would be very low to be honest

I'm seeing my doctor on thursday, but i'm hoping someone here could shed a light on the serotonin part, or maybe others who did a similar test as well.

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I wonder how they measured that cause there are no any neurotransmitters tests according to official medicine.
It's about neurotransmitters levels in the brain not in the blood. That's why psychiatrists don't do any blood tests.

They don't even measure those in normal lab tests. Those results are from some alternative health medicine practicioners. If am correct you can only measure blood serotonin levels becuase elevated are sign of some disease.
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Leaky gut is also medically unrecognized condition. I would be careful with those kind of diagnoses.
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