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I got my lab results back!

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hi all,

I just got my lab results back and i wanted to show it to you, because discussing it might benefit more than one person in the end.


As you can see, my serotonin level is HIGHLY elevated and the catecholamines are all diminished. Serotonin is supposed to be in a range of 100-225 and mine is 502..

I have never taken any medication whatsoever to increase my serotonin.

My current symptoms are the following:

- Derealization (life outside my house looks like a joke, a dreamworld, as if i'm on marijuana. It's strangely intense and i dont feel connected to any environment whatsoever nor do i feel a connection to persons or objects)

- Tinnitus (24/7)

- Extreme fatigue

- Digestion problems/gut issues/leaky gut

- Depression/no motivation/no ambition/life has no meaning at the moment

It really shocked me that my serotonin is that high.. i thought it would be very low to be honest

I'm seeing my doctor on thursday, but i'm hoping someone here could shed a light on the serotonin part, or maybe others who did a similar test as well.

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I'm not a vegetarian. And to add to that, i'm eating very clean and balanced so i don't think that has anything to do with it. It's actually pretty strange though, because serotonin is for roughly 90% produced in the gut and i have severe gut problems (diagnosed with leaky gut syndrome), so it's more logical to think that my serotonin would be low.
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@Laurany it's a private practitioner and she is a general health doctor not a psychologist. She works closely with a German laboratorium who do all kinds of tests. You can actually just go to their website and order one yourself, depending on where you live of course. The lab is called Pro Health Medical.

@Chip well i have to disagree, because it is known what functions neurotransmitters have in the body and it is known what a diminished or elevated level can do to the body. I agree with the fact that solely based on this results one cannot say what therapy to take, but it's actually pretty useful to know if you want to take medication, because now i know an serotonin reuptaker is out of the picture for me.

And besides that, there is also no scientific consensus about therapy nor medicine regarding to dpdr. So it seems pretty useful to me to compare neurotransmitter values with people who have the same symptoms and maybe find a link between it. I think it's too early stage to disregard any type of disbalance in the body.

@Chris well that actually makes a lot of sense, thanks for the insight! And yes, healing my gut is now priority and i hope it takes away a lot of symptoms. I also read about a gastro-intestinal dysbiosis and that it can cause neurotransmitters to go off-balance as well. So i really think healing my gut should make a lot of difference.
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I did my own research as well, and it is true that blood levels don't reflect the levels in the brain. I'm actually not sure what one can conclude from the test i did. It must mean something that the levels in my blood are out of proportion. My doctor is actually a bit of a quack (like all of the health care practitioners i encountered so far) and she only talked about getting my gut to work properly again, so there's that. I dont think she actually possesses a lot of knowledge on the whole neurotransmitter thing, she just prescribed some sort of herb to up my dopamine lol.

And yes Laurany, it really does feel hopeless. I still don't know precisely what's wrong with me and with me many others. It's really astounding that there are almost no professionals available on this matter.
I did a test which involved me sending a poop sample and another blood test. The first one showed me that my good bacteria were depleted and that my mucous membrane was VERY irritated, those two are very important for normal and healthy digestion and overall gut health.

The second test was a food sensitivity test based on LgG anti-bodies. It showed A LOT of high values for foods that arent even that inflammatory, such as eggs and a lot of vegetables like carrot and many more. This means that when i'm eating a egg, it will not be digested properly and some particles will enter the bloodstream and as a result will activate my immune system. In the end you're dealing with a chronic immune system activation which on its own can cause a lot of diseases. So it is very important to eliminate foods that cause inflammation for you. And besides that there are foods that are inflammatory on its own like Potatoes, Gluten, Dairy, Nightshades.

So if you have troubles with your stool (i went to the toilet like once a week) or have a lot of abdominal pain/bloating you should definitely consider going to your doctor and ask for those tests.

And yes probiotics will work for replenishing your good bacteria, but you also have to repair the mucous membrane and the gut lining itself. L-Glutamine is one of the best amino acids known for repairing the gut.
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Well i know they got mine right
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