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I feel so miserably

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I used to have panic attacks 2 or more times a day for 2 years and then I started medication and it is like 98% solved.
My Derealisation was triggered by panic attacks.
For almost 1 year, I didn't had almost no panic attacks at all, but I am many times anxious and obsessed with this "foggy" feeling that I have, called Derealisation.
When Derealisation starts to "attack me", I become extremely tired, lazy and with no motivation to do anything.
Emotionally is like I'm frozing, I became pretty quite and awkward.

I have this feeling for 3 years now

It's really hard too leave this state of mind.
Just sometimes I can overcome depersonalisation playing sports. Sometimes only.
Alcohol and benzodiazepines help relief this feeling, but and don't do them everyday for obvious reasons. Still do them like 1-2 times per week.

Latelly I been smoking weed and I notice that the follow 5 days at least after smoking, my DR gets worst.

I feel so hopeless and sad, I am 18 y/o and I have been feeling like this since 15. I feel that I'm "losing" my adolescence in the worst way possible and it makes me so miserably :(
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