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i feel a rush of myriad emotions

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right now, i feel what seems like countless emotions, all going on at once. i laugh while i cry, i'm scared but feel comforted, i feel pain and i feel nothing, blah blah blah. million thoughts through my head every minute, million different emotions, all at once. i'm overwhelmed. i try to distract myself by watching tv, but it's like they're all puppets. dance, where's the puppet-master, has he forgotten about his puppets, i feel unplayed with, like the puppetmaster has me stored. i observe. i feel special, i feel alienated. i feel love, and i feel hatred of intense epic proportion. i feel crazy, i want to laugh at myself. i feel watched, i feel like i'm watching. i feel alone, but i feel like there are others with me in my room.

smile and show no emotion, smile and show no emotion
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Been there. Might be visiting again soon.

Sorry to hear you're going through this. I felt like I was going to die but it all eventually evened out and I was alright. I believe I have cycles of intense anxiety and then calmness. I'm hoping that you will be coming out of this soon, just hang in there.
I'm going to be looking into support groups for anxiety and depression. I also feel extremely lonely in my experiences. Reading info online is really the only way I realize that others are going through what I'm going through.
I'll see what I can find and if it helps.

I would suggest you look into therapy if you can afford it. It helps to have someone to listen to you.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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