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I don't think I had dp or have it anymore.

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For the past 7 years I was suffering and diagnosed with depersonalization and derealization but I think I never suffered from it or don't have it anymore.

In the past I would tell the doctors I felt like I was in dream and life didn't seem real to me but these weren't thoughts one day I came up with, It actually felt like I was in dream as crazy as that sounds. I was put in program for people who were at risk for psychosis which back then I didn't understand but know I do because psychosis is losing contact with reality. I don't think the doctors understood what I meant so they took it as a mental illness or risk for psychosis but in reality these were never thoughts.

Example: If a random person says to you: I'm in a dream or I don't feel real, you're going to assume that person is crazy. (I feel like this is the approach doctors take when you tell them or a person without dp)

For the past year I been taking ativan and ambien then those thoughts about feeling unreal or being in a dream went away. I don't use those words or anything related to dp to describe what's wrong with me at this point, but I always had this problem where I would lose track of time and couldn't remember anything I did throughout the entire day even in the dp days.

I always knew that talking or taking medication from a psychiatrist wasn't going to fix my problems or my dp back then so I made an appointment with neurology because I knew that this was a brain problem not a mental health problem. The neurologist told me I have absence seizures when I told him my problems and recently had a CT scan and EEG done. I have an appointment in 4 days and will see the results then maybe I will see the proof to this madness and hopefully get some treatment or cure.
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A little confusing :) do you still experience Dp?
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