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i cant describe any of my problems. i cant articulate them.
i read everyones posts in the introduce yourslf forums and they really know whats up. they know how long and what and why.
i cant put my finger on any of it. im too stupid? im too fucked up? i cant think. i cant focus on my own. i cant. just now as i type im maybe thinking its uncertainty. i dont know or maybe i dont think this is whats wrong with me, or that anthing is wrong with me. everything just feel like speculation. pointless empty speculation . uncertain speculation maybe maybe maybe no no no
am i depressed ? well probably maybe. theres definitely sadness. its definitely prevalent. its constand and im pretty sure it ruined my romantic relationship.
am i derealized? well i dont know i just found about it. it certaintly hit my hard and really seems to have afffected me. how do i know
how can i be sure. i feel like very secure when something is very very very very definitive.
am i a slight mess of a whole bunch of random brain thing. like, slightly: autsitic. aDD, depressed, derealized, all at once? i dontknow probably maybe
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