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I'm tired of fighting. I feel like everything is getting worse. If dpdr wasn't severe enough, I have severe depression too.

I don't know how to get help, or even what kind of help, since it's hard to pinpoint what even started this hell in the first place.

No one around me understands what this is doing to me.

I try to live life, but I have a hard time even doing simple tasks.

I've lost myself and I don't even feel connected to the people and things around me.

Everything seems so unfamiliar and foreign to me. I'm like stuck in a horrible dream.

Nothing makes sense to me anymore. I feel like I'm barely existing.

Maybe I actually have something much worse, or I'm slowly and painfully going crazy.

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Hang on in there...It is NOT something worse....Thats what DP does...It constantly tries to tell you that you are loosing your mind, or that it is something more sinister or that you are stuck this way forever....It is anxiety in its extreme form...

It is seriously disturbing and upsetting and incapacitating but it is NOT dangerous and you are NOT loosing your mind...

You wont go crazy from DP even though when in the throws of it it feels like you are hanging on for dear life...

I promise you guys that you will improve...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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