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i dont know if what im feeling is this but here we are

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If anyone can reply to this and tell me if i should try to get help please do.

I have been hyperfixated on a show recently and it has caused me to be so obsessive over one character that i wish to be them and i feel disconnected from my body, like when i look at my hands or myself in a mirror i feel like im looking at someone that i don't know. this happened last time i hyperfixated on something and now it's happening again. it's like im not myself and i wish to be something that is not real. like im detached from my own body and that i cant look at myself and know it's me. I have always felt somewhat like this and i dont know if im just sad or if i have dp. I dont know if it's from bottling up all my feelings from when i was a child. im still very young so i dont know if dp is what is happening to me or if it's something else. the characters are also always the opposite gender as me so i dont know if that has something to do with it as well but that's irrelevant, the point is that i don't know how to feel and i don't feel like myself. its not really to do with my surroundings usually but rarely that happens to me as well. i just don't know what to do and how to help myself, i haven't been talking to my friends other than at school properly either so i dont know whats happening or if its bad or if im just sad but yeah

please if anyone knows what is happening try and tell me, and im sorry if this is hard to understand.
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This is consistent with how a lot of young people are feeling today. It probably is pathological on some level but honestly it doesn't sound too serious. Make sure your familial and community ties are healthy and strong, focus on your goals, and don't be afraid to ask for help. Whatever you are bottling up you might want to talk to someone you can count on. If there is no such person in your life, also common, maybe try a counsellor. It's okay to be yourself. Everyone is beautiful and intelligent to an extent. If you want to be gentle and motherly as a man, that will probably be well received. If you want to be strong as a female, that will be well received by most people. We can be who we want to be. Who will stop us?
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