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Well hello! Johqnnq remember me?
I am much better now
You know when I started to feel better?
When I didn't visit this site anymore
Get the hell out of here!
What does it matter what difference can it make when someone understand you?? Nothing, no one can help you except YOU yourself

We all gonna die everything we have someday gonna be gone
So what does it matter! Just enjoy it just try your best
Since the fate of world is nonexistent, it's like you don't exist, since you exist be merry - Omar Khayyam
I just come here to ask a question and see how many people are worse than me so I can be greatful
I'm telling you my brother after you read this if you don't leave this forum you are nothing but a stupid fool
I'm trying to help you please just go!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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