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I don’t know what to believe

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They say if you stop fearing it and live normal that it fades. I might have believed that the first time I had this but when I got it again I was horrified and didn’t leave the house and within 3 weeks I just snapped out of it. This time now it’s been over 2 months. First month I tried to lay low and do exactly what I did last time and then the second month I tried to do more normal stuff.... nothing’s helping. I can’t handle having this again, I’m losing my mind.
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hahahaha u've beat it before and its only been two months? You are clearly one of the lucky ones. I've had it since august 26th, 2016 without a second of recovery. I've never beaten it and im never going to. Many of the people on this site have had it for longer than a couple years. One day your life is beautiful, the next second you're permanently anxious and unable to experience any part of this beautiful world. Seriously what kind of fucking disorder is this? Its so goddamn nonsensical! Why would your brain want you to not experience anything? Depression i understand, anxiety i understand but being detached from the world makes no FUCKING sense. You're going to be fine, clearly your brain is capable of handling this experience and reverting to normalcy. For the rest of us that have had this for years chronically without a moment of reality, I would say that we're pretty much fucked. It makes me so sad to see the chronic sufferers. I really really hope my life turns around, but to have wasted the best years of my life with this SHIT really kills me. I spend 1/2 of college, the best years of my life detached and dissociated from all my experiences. I'd rather have cancer or lose my legs.
It took over a year the first time I had it. I thought it was over so I started my life and now I’m 31 weeks pregnant and I’m scared to death I won’t be able to take care of my child, that Iv always dreamed of having. I always said my life will begin when I have a child and I feel like it’s ending. I can’t live feeling this way with a baby.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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