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i do feel lucky sometimes/should i feel guilty for this ?

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while reading a few threads recently ive noticed that psycotic breakdowns,schizophenia,and nearly all serious mental illnesses are accomponied by dp/dr...
im not wishing to sound like 'oh im so happy ive only got dp' because on its own its a fuckin awful affliction,but imagine having a serious mental illness and this hell to go with it !

just a thought from someone whos cousin is psycotic and whos uncle is schizophenic....poor bastards
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Yea yea, your totally right, you just don't know how lucky we still have it, just think of the people that have cancer or aids, or actually got brain damage, like there are worse things then DP in life, I meen we can still do everything pretty much we want to in life, we can still work, have friends, watch movies, if you think about it you don't have to let 1 rotten apple stop you from eating the rest of them in the bag... We just gotta live life with what we have, we only have one life, and yes we do have it better then some people " ALOT BETTER" so just be happy with what you have because it could be a lot worse then it is.
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