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I did something sad...possible spoiler

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Tonight I had my cat put down.

She was almost 19 years old, had her all my life and she was sick. For the past two years she has been throwing up her food and having mini-seizures. She weighed 20lb a few years back. When I took her in tonight she weiged less than 5. What I hate is the fact that I don't know if she was in pain. I know she was suffering, she had to have been. But she was still eating, still hungry, she just couldn't keep it down. I just didn't know what else to do and i'm so very sad about it right now.

For those of you out there who have had to go through with this before, I had no idea it was so hard. If you have any advice as to how I can get the image of her laying limp and lifeless with vacant eyes please tell me. I just keep seeing that. And I can hear her last meow..i'm just so sad and shocked with myself.
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Hi. It is one of the hardest things when you have to pts a friend. It will take time to get the image out of your head, it is natural that your mind goes to the most recent and outstanding image of her. As Janine says its good to focus on the life of your cat and just keep reminding yourself of that when the other image enters your head. Do you have a lively photo of her that captures who she was? Perhaps you could have that around to redirect your thoughts to?
It sounds like you did the kindest thing for your cat. Know that you made the decision you did from love and that we make the decisions we can with what infomation we have. Thats all we can really do. I also found that for some people writting to there pet and then burying it can help with any feelings that need to be expressed and to come to peace with the whole process.

Sending you hugs,
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