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I did something sad...possible spoiler

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Tonight I had my cat put down.

She was almost 19 years old, had her all my life and she was sick. For the past two years she has been throwing up her food and having mini-seizures. She weighed 20lb a few years back. When I took her in tonight she weiged less than 5. What I hate is the fact that I don't know if she was in pain. I know she was suffering, she had to have been. But she was still eating, still hungry, she just couldn't keep it down. I just didn't know what else to do and i'm so very sad about it right now.

For those of you out there who have had to go through with this before, I had no idea it was so hard. If you have any advice as to how I can get the image of her laying limp and lifeless with vacant eyes please tell me. I just keep seeing that. And I can hear her last meow..i'm just so sad and shocked with myself.
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Oh Sarah, I'm so sorry.

A few years ago we had to have our Golden Retriever put down. We had a large animal vet come to the house and do it. The pain we all felt in our hearts was immeasurable. You will grieve for your cat as you would the loss of a friend or family member. It is one of those things that takes so much time for the heart to stop aching.

My biggest thought I want to send to you is this...It is the hardest things we do being pet owners or parents that make us the best caregivers. You did your best to give her a very long, and I am sure, happy life. You were there for her at the end when she needed you most.

My deepest sympathies for you and Rev as you go thru the grieving and loss of your special pet.

Most sincerely,
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