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I desperatly need to hear from people who have this.

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I am so sorry but I am really battling fear at the moment, maybe some of you have people who you can talk to about this but I don't, not one person anywhere.

I really want to hear form anybody who has DR (if that's what I have I dont know, so lets say, people who can relate to these symptoms)

I feel OK within myself, but I when I look around, right now, at my keyboard, out the window, at my TV, its like I am detached from reality, less conscious than I used to be, I can think fine, and I seem to be fully functional, being able to train at the gym, play football, badminton etc, but everywhere looks SO DETACHED, and SURREAL, this is really freaking me out and i feel very alone in this, why? because when this happened, it has not gone, so many people here talk about DP/DR when they have panic attacks or coming and going, well mine just came and stayed and I feel very alone, I was doing well, but something happened the other evening which stressed me out, and i was stressed all through the night, and when I woke up I was really unhappy, and then I noticed it, the feeling of unreality had gotten worse, its the first time since it first happened that it has gotten worse, the first time it happened, it just came and stayed, then because I never new what it was, I got anxiety, more stress etc, and went through weeks of hell, but then i started to relax and realise what it was, and that it was more than likely stress induced, so I got on with my life and was learning to get used to the world seeming a tad odd, but then the other day for the first time ever I woke up with it worse, feeling MORE detached, I am now freaking out because, I am so scared i don't know how far this may go, I could handle the amount of detachment I had before, but this is borderline too much for me.

is there anybody else out there who has had DR or whatever I have (these symptoms) of unreality or being detached form my surroundings, not connected, like I am looking through somebody else's eyes or something. anybody else had this come, and stay, will it go? can it go? what can I do to get my vision back to normality?

all I do is come here and ask questions like this, over and over, but I am lost, really lost and very alone in this.
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I hear the desperation in your post and how I wish I knew what to say to make it all better for you. No you are not alone many of us.. if not all can relate to those symptoms. Yes you can get better lots of people do. Please hang in there, things will get easier for you. I know what it is like to feel completely panicked about this... but it wont help, try to calm down. It's going to be okay.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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