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I cant think of a title

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Everyone already knows that life itself can take a full 360 turn and plummet into the ground. We already know this, but why are we not prepared for it? Some think that they are prepared, but prepared for what? How can you know what's going to happen, before it happens? So why even prepare? Why arm yourself for a battle that you don't even know is coming? We search for security in places in which will not be found. I feel confused but I'm answering my own questions as I'm writing this. I feel like giving up on humans, because it's not life that I'm upset about, it's the hurtful things people do to each other, wheather it be intentionally or unintentionally, even after the damage has been done, no one seems to take recognition in being apart of the damage that has become. No one owns up to doing shit. Perhaps it's the people I'm around, and that I should give others a chance? But this type of treatment that I've been receiving has impared me. I think it's trust issues, I just can't be fucked with the human race. I wish I was a cat lmao. Fuck everything. This world is so beautiful, but it's also bad. Blaaaaah.
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