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I Can't Take This

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One of my best friends had a heart attack yesterday, he died... I cant take this i need someone to help me. :'(
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He was 16.... man i cant believe this, i dont know if i can handle this...
He didnt deserve this, he was only 16, people aren't suppose to die at 16, he should of lived a long happy life, I just wanted to let everyone know on here, that he wanted to be a Late Night Comedy host when he was older, he wanted to make the world laugh, and he had the talent to do it, the past few weeks he has made these funny pictures in class, and I'm going to get a hold of them and post them on here to make you guys laugh , so I can get a hold of his dream a little bit for him. He will always live on.
I have been crying all day.
and i don't know what to think because my DP is so bad right now i dont know if this is really happining.

RIP Adam 1988-2004
thank you, sorry to hear that about your friends... this world is not an easy place.
yah thats what im trying to think of is all the funny and good times we had together. Its the only thing that helps.
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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