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:cry: Hi everyone my name is Natasha . I stoped taking my paxil about 1 month ago and recently i started taking it again under the doctors supervision. But since then i feel worse... depersonalization and derealization is VERY VERY BAD it feels like i am gonna go insane. AM I ? I feel like i am gonna forget who i am and stuff... can anyone relate.... :?:
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Hi Natasha,

Welcome to dpselfhelp.

I personaly don't know who I am anymore. I haven't known who the hell I am for 8 years. The only word I can come up with to explane myself is, FREEK.

I understand how you feel worse taking paxil with dp/dr. The last time I took meds I got very very very bad nightmares and I will never take meds again.
The meds I took made me feel like I was on acid again (Not good).

I hope to see more post from you. I think we all need to get some things off our chest. This is the best place to do that.
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