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I am losing my humanity

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Ever since I had my DP my mind has been going to strange places. Latest thoughts I have been having the past few days are draining me. I realized that subjective morality is true because cultures have different morals. If different cultures have different morality, doesnt that mean that there is no common human nature? All humans are completely different from each other because they have different morals. There is no commonality amongst humans other than what their culture dictates. Other cultures are so vastly different to ours that they might as well be aliens not humans. So in a way everything that humans matter is meaningless because everybody has different ideas and morals. Not all humans even experience love. Love is just a social construct that only some cultures have. Human behaivor is entirely arbritrary. I'm arbritary. My thoughts, ideals and morals are chaotic meaningless nosies that I conjured up.
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Hey everyone,

Thanks for posting the tread, I studied science psychology in university if that gives any perspective on my opinion. In matters regarding philosophy and subjective reality, always remember "I think therefore I am". Its grounding to remember as long as you are experiencing thoughts you are real and you are yourself. Love is only a construct in the sense that popular culture and rom coms have romanticized the process as there is scientific proof of "love" as a feeling just the subjective part comes in the perception of it, not it's existence.

Q: If a tree fall in the forest and no one is around to hear did it really fall?

Yes it still fell, just because someones subjective reality did not experience it or did experience it doesn't mean its real or not. The tree objectively fell, even invisible to the naked eye it fell, and its particle collision could not be ignored.

There is a balance that comes to understanding dualities such as Objectivism vs Subjectivism. Thinking everything is subjective is a good way to make one distrustful of reality and only further remove yourself from it, while on the other hand completely objective is not really perceived properly by human cognition as we develop thinking with our emotions. We are social creatures and inherently require emotions to aid in socializing as well as protection from other humans (feelings of distrust).

I find for me what helps me, is understanding my perceptions are subjective as in the case I was missing my eyes I could not see anything, but reality functions by determinism objectively of ones self. (world stops for no one) If you want to see the commonality between cultures just look and values, religions, and biology. (watch planet earth in 4k and DONT focus just on differences or else you will subconsciously only see differences in perception of reality not the fact that we are all human, all on the same planet, all have the same physiological make up, all have a mother and a father. (atleast requires male and female for birth not trying to step on LGBTQ parenting just saying objectively need sperm from male and eggs from female) First friend, First relationship, first time having sex these are all things people go through, for example everyone has had the shits from either bad Mexican food or bad Indian food and we all know its sucks and is awful especially when coming out of both ends. The commonality do exist my friend, its more a matter of what you are looking for. Also I have Depersonalization disorder so I do understand that it severely impacts ones ability to think and is largely a disorder of perception and coping.
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