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I am losing my humanity

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Ever since I had my DP my mind has been going to strange places. Latest thoughts I have been having the past few days are draining me. I realized that subjective morality is true because cultures have different morals. If different cultures have different morality, doesnt that mean that there is no common human nature? All humans are completely different from each other because they have different morals. There is no commonality amongst humans other than what their culture dictates. Other cultures are so vastly different to ours that they might as well be aliens not humans. So in a way everything that humans matter is meaningless because everybody has different ideas and morals. Not all humans even experience love. Love is just a social construct that only some cultures have. Human behaivor is entirely arbritrary. I'm arbritary. My thoughts, ideals and morals are chaotic meaningless nosies that I conjured up.
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That's not really true. I read a long time ago that human cultures develop in largely the same way with largely the same norms independent of outside influences.

Love is not a social construct. It is a biological imperative that is universal to humans. The only variation is how we are allowed and expected to display it. For example, some cultures are 'permitted' to be passionate and intense. Some cultures are expected to be publicly reserved. My own culture is somewhere in between.

There is comonality amongst humans, because even if you don't share the same exact values as a different culture you can often empathise and see that certain morals come from an identifiable wellspring of logic.

When i think about it there is not one culture that comes to mind that i think of as being completely alien.

I just don't think the conclusions you have reached are correct
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