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Hi Y’all. I signed up for this website some time back and finally notice that. So I wanted to introduce myself Before I crash out for the night. I’m 41. I’ve had this condition since I was 16-17 when I over did the PCP one weekend. I felt the change all happen to me within minutes. It has not gone away ever. what Happens at best so far and over the years is that, I forget that I have it. Those are great times but they fade quickly and I remember that I am still in the depersonalizEd / Derealized condition.

I was looking forward lately to the cure that a particular gentleman has been mentioning but then I saw some various discussions and this man may not have any thing near a cure. Bummer! ☹

I don’t usually build hope these days but he was really good at describing my DpDr. Anyways, I will write more as the days come along. Just happy to be here and to know that I am not alone in this.

Positive blessings and peace,, Gerard 🙏🛐🙂
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