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Hello, my name is David, I´m 20 years old and was born and raised in Colombia.

DP has been one of the hardest and most confusing paths I´ve never been in. Since last year I detached from my body and life completely. DP has taken my feelings, my life, my hope, my work and everything I love. The last months, I´ve been on a journey throw doctors who dont understand what this is about and that try to solve everything with pills. Life haven´t been easy with this, but somedays I get throw it and live this "dream" in autopilot which is the only way I know to be productive under DP. Has been almost a year and I can´t deny that I live with the fear of more years around this.

This is the only comunity I know about this topic so far. I know that we all have the same issue right now and that life is not easy. I am just happy to see that I am not alone in the world, and that some people is going throw the same Journey.

We gotta be strong, we will get over it.

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Hey David,

You are NOT ALONE.

Unfortunately, myself included, we are all stuck on the answers, but you will meet some true gems here, forget the negativity, stay positive, work with doctors, maybe research specialist in anxiety, they usually know DP or dissociate disorders, often medications are combinations of anti depressant and anti anxiety such as antipsychotics, if you don't want to try solve it with pills go to a therapist, that's all doctors do, give pills.

welcome to the forum, PM me any time if you want a chat
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