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i am a robot

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i have turned cold hearted, i am a robot, no longer do i have any emotions about anyone or anything. this is defintely the most horrible thing to go through. i know i'm on meds for depression and they could be doing this, but b4 this happended i was such a caring, loving, fun, sensitive, emotional person and the past 2 years didn't have any anxiety or panic attacks, and now i'm stuck i'm a complete world of nothingness. not able to feel my own body and totally numb and not feeling alive at all. i feel no pain or pleasure and my smiles are mainly fake, because i don't feel it deep inside me, and laughter is few and far in between. i really cannot stand living like this anymore, but for some reason i don't feel sad or anxious. I just feel hopeless i guess. i'm certainly not happy or excited about anything, so i guess i'm basically just a human robot.
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I am a robot. Maria you turned yourself into a robot. You are my species now. We function. We do not make mistakes. We do not feel the things humans hate and try to avoid. We do not feel it and we function on and on. That is the reason we are superior. That is good. Welcome to robotland.
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