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I’m new here

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I am having a difficult time withdrawing from prescribed Klonopin and have developed DP/DR for close to a year. It has gotten pretty severe and has caused me to withdrawal socially almost to the point of agoraphobia, only I'm not scared of leaving my house but feel extremely uncomfortable socializing or even being outside and in the open.
I've got to figure out how to shake this as this is no way to live.
Because of my benzo withdrawal, I also have many other physical and mental symptoms. It is the weirdest experience of my life, I can't imagine anything more weird....
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Hey, please check out and benzo withdrawal groups on Facebook. DP is just a symptom of the benzo withdrawal.
Thank you. Yes I'm already in a Benzo group. I've alread tapered off and having multiple issues. I'm trying to learn more about DPDR
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