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I’m new here

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Hey I wanted to know what are y’all tricks for when DR hits you and you’re at the store or in the car or just in public somewhere? I was driving today and the sun was just starting to come up and the world looked so pink and I think normal people would be like omg it’s so beautiful but I right away started to panic I got hot and my heart started to rave because I thought I wasn’t in my body everything looked like just someone’s 5 second video story. It’s so hard to explain or describe the feeling but it been happening more often to me this week and it’s so hard for me to deal with it at work I literally have no tricks so I just overthink this feeling even more. I just feel like this is all a dream and not even a good one
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I agree with NoDevils. You appear to have anxiety as well as dissociation. Here's my advice:

Tips for Anxiety:
-Drink an entire bottle of water (This thins out your blood which reduces blood pressure which slows down the pounding heart sensation. However make sure to get some electrolytes as potassium from coconut water or magnesium from spinach or pumpkin seeds soon after to help actually address the root cause of anxiety)
-Ground yourself (There are many different versions of this technique so just look for one on google)
-Distract yourself (People with dpd/drd tend to hyperfixate on the stressor. Instead pop in some headphones and drown out the worry. Those cyclical thoughts and worries dont help anything.

Tips for DPD/DRD:
-Whole Food Multivitamin
-Fish oil/Krill oil
-Increase protein
Eat a balanced diet consistently and most if not all symptoms should start to go away slowly
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