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I’m a teenager and I’m hopeless

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My DP started over a year ago and it’s ruined my life I don’t think I will ever get rid of it sometimes the world is a blur and almost not real and it feels like I’m not in this world and I’m staring at the world behind a glass and I’m almost feel like I’m not aware anymore i HATE IT !!!! Give me tips please!
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if I got through 2018 and feel a lot better then you will feel easily better . I was in such a bad state I cant explain it with words . I dont know how I got through it tbh

try to calm down and try to lower your anxiety in general . if there is something that makes you anxious try to eliminate it . also try to live life as good as you can and enjoy life as good as you can . try to ignore the dp and focus on things that are fun to you . and work out and eat healthy
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