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It seems to me that a hypnotist would be a good person to see with this sickness. By that i mean its purely pychological and probably curable?

anyone here seen a hypnotist? if so what where the effects? I know if my dp/dr came back that would be the first place i would go.

Im angry at the lack of research being done here, that there isnt a cure. Why isnt there a pill you can take? :cry:

What about Prozac? or other medications for OCD/Depression. Has anybody tried any? If we stop obsessing with the help of meds, maybe the dr/dp will leave?
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I spoke to my best mate the other day. His wife has been suffering with Anxiety/Depression etc and was to scared to leave the house. She was prescribed Prozac which really helped her. I spoke to her the other day and she mentioned that she had been to see a Hypnotist and that she finds it excellent.
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