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I saw this interesting post im newsnet which may be of interest:

Lampi wrote:
> Been going through the motions (great Pdoc though) to set me straight.
> Doing my PhD, almost done. Extremely high stress.
> Doc may have given the Clonazepam for the stress stuff, but I'm not sure.
> Am active, heavy but normal bodyfat.
> History: Something going on dopamine-wise 'cause all of this started to
> get resolved after my diagnosis with slight hyperprolactinemia.

Do you know how high your prolactin level was before starting treatment?
I have hyperprolactinemia with the level being 733(Something like that?)
before treatment. This was discovered by a gynecologist who referred me
to an endocrinologist for further testing and treatment.

> Was
> given bromocripting (Parlodel) to suppress, and raise testosterone
> (which it did).

Were any other hormones tested apart from prolactin and testosterone? I
had other blood tests done plus an MRI which showed a *benign* pituitary
tumour which was causing my high prolactin levels. I used Parlodel for a
while and then switched to Dostinex(Cabergoline) which has less
side-effects for me... right now my prolactin level is low(12).

> I thought depression was from low Test, GP thought I
> should see a Pdoc. Found to be slight ADD, got Wellbutrin, then ritalin
> was working fine, then notice these weird fuzzy/cotton headed days, that
> nothing helps. Then upped the bromo dose, which seemed to counteract
> this fuzzy headed thing (never heard of it). Was thinking about possible
> Reward Deficiency, or that constant stress is killing my dopamine,
> putting me in the shitter? Anyone else have this at all? Please comment
> at will!

High prolactin can lead to all sorts of emotions... I had really high
anxiety... bromocriptine is a dopamine agonist so it would help you feel
more happy/content I think though I don't think it's a good idea to use
it for depression unless the depression is directly connected to your
prolactin levels. Stress and exertion can raise prolactin levels which
shouldn't be a problem for most folk.

If you haven't seen an endocrinologist yet I would if I were you: it's
no good treating a mood disorder without a thorough check-up on the
hormones if there's a chance they could be causing your symptoms.

I don't know of a newsgroup for prolactin issues but there is an MSN

Don't let the term "tumour" scare you: pituitary tumours are usually
benign and are mostly treated with Parlodel or Dostinex. With slightly
raised prolactin you may not even have such a tumour or if you do it
would be tiny... mine was only 4mm.

Hopefully this was more helpful than scary, good luck!


hyperprolactonimia,I might use that one day to describe what's wrong with me,stop them dead in their tracks LOL as if I'd have a hope of remembering it.

I'd imagine that pituatory tumours are rare.

Prolactin as a lot of nursing mothers might recall is the hormone responsible for producing breast milk(and breast development).
As far as I know it has no benefits for a male............unless lol

A doctor was treating some CFS patients with prolactin because it can in small doses produce a calm,peaceful feeling.You have to be calm when feeding or your milk won't flow.

I wasn't aware that you could over produce prolactin.I don't think this would happen very often.

Best Shelly

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I take your point.

Over production of prolactin apparently is a common side effect for the most common anti-psychotic drugs and does enlarge your breasts even in males to some minor extent. Me for one. :?

Synapse which drugs in particular? that's a side effect I could live with.
Have to say it wouldn't be the best thing for a guy though.

These drugs would have to be helping a great deal for a man to put up with enlarged breasts.No kidding I think it would be terrible.
I'm assuming that people don't actually produce breast milk as well,that would be scary.

drugs,it's so hard to know :roll:
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