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I'm definitely doing better. My obsession with solipsism and existential thoughts are slowly fading away.However,I'm hyperaware of the things that I do.
Whenever I do or think something,my brain goes like "did you mean to do that? how did you think that particular thought and why?" and so on and so forth.
how do I do things without having to control everything?
it's obvious that we're usually not aware of our thought process, even if it happens in our head, but this scares me, cause it makes me think that I have no control over my body and myself.

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Personally, that's just an anxiety response, hyper awareness is very normal in anxiety, the less anxiety the more it fades. I know kinda general, but i'd say keep on keeping on, oh and i find distraction if i am thinking like that, I have trained myself to kinda do this without thinking now. If i get that it's just default to stop it by stopping myself via something else, the longer you analyse the worse it is, oh and it happens me much less now
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