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I'll bet you know exactly what I'm talking about. The first time you experienced it probably went a little something like this;

"Oh my God, I'm a thinking, conscious being. This is so weird!"


"How can I just be a brain, a thinking squishy brain."

Or something like that.

I think we've all experienced this, I'm fairly certain its a normal part of DP because I hear people asking about it all the time. It was definitely the most disturbing part of my experience, and probably the last thing to go when I recovered. But behold, you are not going crazy! IT'S NORMAL!

Did you know that over 70% of humans have had at least a brief moment of what you probably experience every day, all the time? It's just a part of the human experience. We are conscious thinking people, of course we're going to question our own existance. I know, I know, its scary. But trust me, when you recover that part of DP will indeed go away. It's not so much that it will disappear on its own, but you will learn to accept that its just part of your very eccentric imagination. Sure, it's very weird to be aware of ourselves, but it's really not that weird at all.

So how do you get rid of it?

Just remember that it's normal. Remember that your brain is making things seem more important than they are. It'll take a little while to get used to it, but trust me, it'll go away.

You need to stop worrying. You have always been aware of your own consciousness, you just didn't think about it deeply before. In time, your blurry vision will clear, your sense of self will feel grounded in your body, and you won't avoid looking in the mirror or staring at your hands thinking how strange it all is. Take comfort in the fact that we all experience it. Not just people with DP. Heck, I experienced it years before I even had anxiety, but it was just a moment of thinking "hey, that's pretty strange", I didn't think about it more than that. When we have DP, we put emphasis on the things that we don't understand or can't explain. When you're recovered you don't really care to answer those questions because you have other things going on in your life. It seems completely irrelevant once you're recovered.

So what do you do in the meantime?

Live. Don't stay in your house all day expecting to get better. Don't avoid visiting with friends because you feel strange. Your brain needs a rest from all this deep thinking, so go out and LIVE. You need to destress and let your mind relax. Take care of yourself. Don't hide from anything. If you have a bad day, have a bad day. If you have a good day, don't let anyone take that away. It's your life, powered by you, not DP.

You need to trust yourself. You need to love yourself and accept who you are and you'll be able to overcome anything. They say that DP is all in your head, and I didn't believe that when I had it because it was so real to me. But recovery taught me that my mind is very strong, and I can choose to live with DP or I can tell it to f*** off and live my life how I want to. Being recovered is very liberating, I can do everything that I couldn't before. But remember, it's not all going to go at once. It's not a complete line of progression. You make progress, then you feel like you back track. But any progress is still progress and you must remember that.

For me, it would be a minute of normalcy then days of DP. Then maybe a day of normalcy, then a week of DP. Eventually I went almost a month feeling normal with only a day or two of DP. But you can't dwell on the bad days, you have to expect it. The normal days soon outweigh the DP days and eventually you realize that you haven't felt DP in a long time. For me, I sought help as soon as I experienced my first moment of DP. I found a therapist, read books, and kept my mind in the right place. So it took me about 7 months to recover. Some recover faster, some take longer, but it will happen if you keep your mind in the right place.

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Feb 28 2017 01:11 AM

👏🏼 awesome! I believe the same!, recovery is possible but it's up to us, because it's our responsibility ❤👍🏻😉🙆🏻
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